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Verve Coffee Building a Roasting Facility in Arts District

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In a move that should create a big splash in the local coffee market, Verve Coffee Roasters from Santa Cruz is opening a roasting works in Downtown's Arts District. Eater received word that a deal has been made at District Millworks, a local woodshop and furniture maker, where Verve will use some of the space to roast coffee for local wholesale accounts and also provide a training and cupping lab for future accounts. At the moment there aren't any plans for a retail component at this location. The arrangement is similar to the one at Portland's Coava Coffee, nestled inside Bamboo Revolution, a flooring and furniture workshop in a more industrial part of the city.

Verve's hub in the Arts District is the second major specialty coffee company to make a base there, after Handsome Coffee Roaster's roasting works and cafe opened six months ago on Mateo Street, just a stone's throw away. Verve already supplies Santa Monica's Milo & Olive and The Farmers Market's (3rd Street) Single Origin.
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Verve Coffee Roasters

917 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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