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Did Starry Kitchen Oust Le Comptoir at Tiara Cafe?

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This week marks the final act of Gary Menes' celebrated Le Comptoir pop-up at Tiara Cafe. It shouldn't be a surprise then that next week, starting August 16, Starry Kitchen kicks off Starry (Kitchen) Nights at Tiara, which raises the question, did Starry Kitchen push Le Comptoir out? Starry Kitchen recently released a startling letter about its closure at California Plaza in Downtown, insisting that the restaurant would live on at Tiara until it found another home in California Plaza. According to the shutter email, SK owner Nyugen Tran had been looking to start at Tiara as early as August 9, but the launch date was delayed so Le Comptoir could finish its tenure.

Sources say that while Menes had been looking for another place to land Le Comptoir, Fred Eric, owner of Tiara Cafe, promptly gave Menes two weeks to vacate the space.

Apparently, Tran stopped by Le Comptoir one night during dinner service, and things got a little tense when Menes asked Tran to speak outside the restaurant. According to Menes' Twitter account, he's looking to finish Le Comptoir at Tiara Cafe smoothly before landing at his new location in early September. That location is still TBA. Until then, make reservations for the final week of Le Comptoir here.
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Starry Kitchen

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Le Comptoir

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