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Mr. Chow Snags Old Nobu Malibu Space, Opening Soon

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Well dressed dumplings, rejoice. As Nobu slides into its sleek new Malibu home, Mr.Chow is stepping in to its previous Cross Creek Mall residence. Slated to debut in about three months, Michael Chow tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Nobu and I share the same clientele -- we're buddies, so to speak. One day people eat Chinese, the next day Japanese. Our places are very close in Tribeca, they're complimentary. So Malibu is really a no-brainer." Expect the same Beverly Hills menu. Fancified Chinese food for Christmas. That's happening. Soon in Malibu.
·Mr. Chow Moving Into Nobu's Soon-to-Be-Former Space in Malibu [THR]

Mr. Chow

3835 Cross Creek Rd Malibu, CA 90265

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