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Raw Food Guru Matthew Kenney Opening Restaurant and Culinary School Inside Santa Monica Place

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Raw foodist chef Matthew Kenney operates restaurants in Oklahoma City and Chicago, and he's about to add Los Angeles to his list. A seemingly appropriate fit for a city as health conscious as LA, this fall Kenney will debut a raw restaurant called M.A.K.E. next to Matthew Kenney Culinary inside Santa Monica Place. Both spots will feature modern "living" or uncooked cuisine (foods can be cooked up to 118°F).

While Matthew Kenney Culinary focuses on the teaching aspect of creating raw dishes, M.A.K.E. is where you'll come for dinner. The eatery will be divided into three areas. An omakase-style bar wherein guests can order a chef's tasting menu, an earthy dining room, and an outdoor patio. [EaterWire]

Santa Monica Place

395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA 90401