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As Expected, Mostly Good News Over at The Parish

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<a href="http://elizabethdanielsphotography.com">Elizabeth Daniels 7/12</a>
Elizabeth Daniels 7/12

In the last few years, Casey Lane has built up a reputation as a chef from out of town who remixed California cuisine at The Tasting Kitchen. Because he's manned one of the few restaurants in LA that delivers consistently delicious food, drink and service, it's no wonder that LA food fans followed the progress of Lane's newest venture, The Parish, very closely. Since the doors finally parted at the end of July, the gastropub has been packed. The critics have weighed in, but so have the 'hounds and Yelpers. So, what's the verdict? Overall, it's pretty good. Feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments section, down below.

The Bone Luging News: "Parish's cocktails are rather fantastic. The fried chicken, the beets, shrimp, burger (though it is $17 !!#$@!$#) all top notch. Sadly, they have whiskey/whisky and they serve bone marrow. So yes, you'll see bone luging which may be great, or disgusting, depending on who you are.." [Chowhound]

The Poutine Oysters News: "I forgot to mention the poutine oysters! You HAVE to try those! Very tasty!!!" [Eater Comments]

The To-The-Point Yelp Review: "I won't bore you with another 5 star review, but I will say that the Parish is everything you have heard and more. Smoked tomato soup, Queen Anne's Revenge, and the Sticky Toffee Pudding were personal highlights." [Yelp]

The Unbelievable Drink News: "I was instantly drawn to THE NIGHTSHIFT. Served in a tall glass, this iced coffee cocktail was unbelievably good! There's bourbon, Czech fernet, espresso, pu-erh tea, chocolate syrup and milk. It was chocolatey and creamy, with just the right amount of sweet and alcohol." [Yelp]

The Early News: "Warning: Don't go there expecting the perfect experience. Yet. This is a new restaurant with new restaurant glitches that are only uncovered by serving customers in the real world. Ignore the glitches and enjoy the food now." [Eater Comments]

The Manly Cocktail News: "I started with the manliest cocktail they had: a rum-based drink called Queen Anne's Revenge. This poison was strong...but it tasted so good. Do not touch this cocktail if you have a predilection for addictions." [Yelp]

The Cold Service News: "Great food, wonderful cocktails, interesting beer and wine list, but sort of cold service." [OpenTable]

The Cutie News: "...a draft beer with Chef Casey Lane's gourmet burger with pungent Epoisses cheese and pickled carrots. YUM! Chef de Cuisine Mike Lee is a cutie." [Facebook]

The Deviled Eggs News: "I'm known to be quite the egg slut, so these deviled darlings--tarted up by the inclusion of curry, chile, fennel, vinegar, and a crème fraîche aioli--were naturally a must-try. They were certainly tasty, and rather unlike any other preparation I'd had before, with an aromatic, spicy, curried attack leading to a satisfyingly creamy egginess, all with a piquant undercurrent from the vinegar." [kevinEats]

The Wine List News: "One caveat: the wine list is pricey, and heavily titled toward German varietals. There's nothing in the $20+ or $30+ range; all seemed to start above $40. No problem if you're choosing from their wonderful list of cocktails, but we wanted to share a bottle for the occasion. I opted for a $48 sparkling rosé, which proved dry and festive, if not stunning." [Yelp]

The J. Gold News: "The Parish is a gastropub; the Parish even calls itself a gastropub. But while it has all the characteristics of the tribe — fish and chips, a decent burger, a bartender obsessed with pairing each dish with a different locally brewed ale — it is a lot closer to April Bloomfield's original Spotted Pig in Greenwich Village than it is to Melrose beer bars, a restaurant that seems to adopt the form only to subvert it." [LA Times]

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