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Il Piccolo Ritrovo to PP, 9 Olives Soon to Open, More!

PACIFIC PALISADES— Partners Nando Silvestri (Spumoni) and Tarcisio Mosconi (Tra di Noi) plan to launch Il Piccolo Ritrovo, a new pizza-serving trattoria in the previous J's Trattoria space on Sunset Boulevard next month. Last week they installed a handmade $25k wood-burning oven which will fire pizzas in 90 seconds at 1000°F. [Palisadian-Post]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Although Rundown says that 9 Olives at Chaplin's House commenced service, owner Kevin O'Connell states that the American eatery is not, in fact, open for business: "... we are not yet open. We have been delayed by the abc on our temp license. Should have a better grasp on when we can open to the public next week ..." [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— As previously mentioned, Peddler's Creamery, that bike-powerd ice cream operation, was hoping to make a home for itself downtown. And guess what, it's happening. Owner Edward Belden has snapped up a space at New Genesis Apartments (458 S Main St.), the same complex in which Great Balls on Tires plans to debut. Belden is hoping to launch his organic scoopery by October 7. [LAist via BY]

CULVER CITY— Zam Zam Market is the dictionary definition of a hidden gem. Those who know about the Pakistani market will be happy to hear that management has expanded its hours of operation and added to the menu. [Midtown Lunch]

Il Piccolo Ritrovo

15415 West Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 (310) 454-2243

Il Piccolo Ritrovo

15415 Sunset Boulevard Pacific Palisades, CA 90272