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Inside Bel-Air Bar & Grill, Set for Mid-November Launch

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As previously reported, Susan Disney Lord is set to reopen the shuttered Bel-Air Bar & Grill. The massive project, including its to go out outfit The Shack, banquet/private dining room, and office space for The Roy Disney Foundation, are all on track to make a mid-November debut. With regard to the space, it's LEED certified, so expect reclaimed woods and metals. The jewel box-esque look was designed by KFA with the exterior floral motif seen in the renderings (and still to be completed) by Weil Studio. As for food think standard proteins from both land and sea like prime filet and jumbo scallops, in addition to burgers, salads and mac 'n' cheese. New addition The Shack will serve sandwiches, coffee, beer, wine and the like.
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— David Morris