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More Than a Few Raves for Superba Snack Bar

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What's a snack bar, anyway? Or, for that matter, a "post modern pastaria"? This is how Jason Neroni (Spago, Lupa, Alain Ducasse, Osteria La Buca) and Paul Hibler (Pitfire Pizza) are describing their Venice love child, Superba. There are small plates here, some of which may qualify as snacks. Better yet, there's also pasta -- lovingly handmade pasta. While adding to the hipsterification of Rose Avenue, is Superba Snack Bar living up to its positive name? After combing through the reviews, blog posts and early comments, it seems at least as though it's gotten off to a superb start. Feel free to leave additional thoughts below.

Elizabeth Daniels 9/12

The Service News: "Service was quite good, particularly given the crowds." [Chowhound]

The No Substitutions News: "OK, i'll give one star for the great service, one star for the cool decor and location. But THAT'S IT. I am a HUGE foodie, and lemme tell you, a restaurant better be delicious if the chef won't alter the dishes in any way. Gjelina can get away with it, Superba cannot. I understand the menu is a chef's art, but c'mon, all I asked for was no cheese on a pasta dish, and he refused." [Yelp]

The Lick the Plate Clean News: "We had the smoked bucatini "carbonara", with pancetta, black pepper and egg. Rich and hearty, this dish was the standout! There was just enough smokiness to the perfectly al dente cooked bucatini to really set your tastebuds off. Coated in a creamy egg with an oozy yolk made me want to lick the plate clean." [Chowhound]

The Off-the-Menu News: "The most surprising and delicious item was a super off-the-menu papas bravas with shaved bottarga, (yes, a poor man's caviar) cured ham and topped with a poached duck egg. Break the thick yolk, toss it all about a bit, and be prepared to not share." [sinosoul]

The Must Order News: "Handmade pasta is a must-order, whether it's the rare creste de gallo with mussels and chorizo or the casa-recce with crispy sardines and bottarga bread crumbs." [Los Angeles Magazine]

The Gnocchi News: "...gnocchi that'd make your grandma smack a baby. SO GOOD." [Yelp]

The Vegetarian Cheats: "While the menu at SSB is a bit hard to comprehend due to the fact that it's printed small and contains things you've never heard of as ingredients, the food definitely is something to be marveled at... I've been there now twice and have tasted almost everything on the current menu (even though I am a vegetarian, the second time going there I thought it worthwhile to cheat a little)." [Yelp]

The Yelper Who Can't Decide Between 4 or 5 Stars News: "i honestly could not sleep last night. i was tossing and turning, debating if i should give this 4 or 5 stars. such a big decision! i was ready to give five, when my date stopped me and said - vivian, 5 means there is no room for improvement. so i will succumb and give only 4 stars, because i think with a little tweaking, this place can be a 5-star-er in no time!" [Yelp]

The Small News: "Good service, fun wine list, and I really enjoyed the food, but it seemed expensive for what it was. I don't have a huge appetite which is one of the reasons I love small plates menus, but a number of these plates were reeeeeally small." [Chowhound]

The Bucatini News: "Made with smoked flour, the [smoked bucatini] is like a mouthful of al dente campfire air." [Serious Eats]

The Conflicted News: "A crudo of ocean trout came out looking more like a tartar, which I found a bit peculiar. Nevertheless, the fish was light and mild, with a good bite and a slightly nutty character that paired well with the pine nuts and subtle tang of mustard seeds. The concentric rings of sesame oil, meanwhile, left me a bit conflicted, as they lent an overarching earthiness to the dish that I'm not sure if I liked or not." [kevinEats]

The Meatball News: "His fist-sized meatballs ring with the flavors of pure pork and a balanced heat, molded from a blend of chorizo and ricotta, and substituting marinara with a jalapeno salsa verde, an ideal way to jump into his flavor pool." [GrubStreet]

The Word from Besha: "Chorizo finds its way into a lot of the food, mostly in unexpected ways. Chorizo oil shows up in the sea trout crudo, which gives it a quirky kind of heft along with pickled mustard seeds, pine nuts and sesame. In the crested macaroni, chorizo tussles with mussels and piquillo peppers to give new authority to the concept of tang — this dish is so brimming with flavor it's almost overwhelming, but the ruffly pasta bears it beautifully." [LA Weekly]

Superba Snack Bar

533 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291 310-399-6400 Visit Website


533 Rose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90291

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