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Gorge, a Charcuterie House and Wine Bar Hits The Strip

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Elizabeth Daniels 9/12

Chef Ilan Hall is no longer involved in Gorge, a new country French charcuterie and wine bar slated to serve starting September 10 on Sunset Boulevard. A slightly delayed project by friends Elia Aboumrad (Top Chef) and Uyen Nguyen, the two will soon offer a short menu of typical French salads, tartines, plus surf and turf charcuterie from smoked oyster mousse to head cheese.
Of equal importance here is dessert which manifests as a few different flavored versions of St. Honoré, a traditional French confection made from cream-filled puff pastry topped with whipped cream.

Hours of operation will run Monday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to midnight.
·Ilan Hall and Friends Rock The Sunset Strip With Quality Food and Drink Via Gorge [~ELA~]

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