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LA's 20 Most Anticipated Fall Openings

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Matthew Kang is the Lead Editor of Eater LA. He has covered dining, restaurants, food culture, and nightlife in Los Angeles since 2008. He's the host of K-Town, a YouTube series covering Korean food in America, and has been featured in Netflix's Street Food show.

Fall is always the busiest time of the year for new restaurant openings in Los Angeles. Operators usually spend the summer conceptualizing, permitting, and building, but the autumn months are the final push to part doors. Here's a guide to everything you need to know about the big fall openings this year.

tudor_house.jpg20) Santa Monica: Taberna Arros y Vi
Address: 1403 2nd Street
Major Players: Michael Cardenas, Perfecto Rocher
The Situation: Paella, brought to Los Angeles with a passion that only a third-generation paella maker could do. Current Lazy Ox chef Perfecto Rocher counts El Bulli and Beverly Hills' Blvd as training grounds, bringing the famous rice dish as well as stand-up dining tapas served with boutique Spanish beers and wine at the former Tudor House space.
Projected Opening: Late November.
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20120709_urbangarden_560x375.jpg19) Fairfax: Urban Garden
Major Players: George Abou-Daoud
The Situation: Fast casual Lebanese, all-organic in a hyper-modern setting with a clean white and green design scheme that's bound to be replicated all over the city. While there are plenty of great Lebanese spots scattered through the Westside and Valley, Abou-Daoud believes that no one is really doing contemporary takes on the cuisine he grew up with. Hummus topped with fresh-roasted lamb, tabbouleh over roasted beef, and baba ghanoush.
Projected Opening: Late September
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ryandishbistro.jpg18) Pasadena: Union Street Bar & Grill
Major Players: Ryan Sweeney, Alen Aivazian, John Bower, and Brandon Bradford.
The Situation: The men behind Surly Goat and Little Bear take over the old Dish Bar and Bistro space in Old Town Pasadena, surely a solid location that's in need of a great concept that can stand out in a neighborhood that's often more tourist-friendly. No word yet on chef, but the near turn-key space should lead to a quick turnaround for the whiskey bar that's eschewing mixology.
Projected Opening: Mid-October
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cog2.JPG17) Culver City: Cognoscenti Coffee
Major Players: Yeekai Lim
The Situation: The popular coffee pop-up, which resides at Proof Bakery and is on hiatus at Hotel Normandie, is looking to break ground soon in Clive Wilkinson's new office digs at Culver City's Washington Blvd Arts District. Lim will likely replicate the successful multi-roaster concept he has at Proof with an even stronger focus on brewing methods and barista interaction in a sleek, modern design.
Projected Opening: Early November
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caffe%20vita.JPG16) Silver Lake: Caff&eacute Vita
Major Players: Michael Patrick McConnell
The Situation: The highly anticipated Seattle transplant is looking to make a splash in the coffee-mad borough of Silver Lake, with a flagship locale on crucial corner, just a few blocks down from Intelligentsia's Sunset Junction spot. Word is that they're also getting a liquor license to go along with the loft-level record shop. All this hipster-ness in one small footprint.
Projected Opening: Early October.
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2012_8_cheese.JPG15) Melrose: Greenspan's Grilled Cheese
Major Players: Eric Greenspan
The Situation: The award-winning short rib and taleggio grilled cheese from chef Eric Greenspan will likely take farther strides when it finally opens this fall after countless updates and nearly two and a half years of waiting. Until it opens, you might be able to nab a prized Monte-Cristo served nightly at The Foundry, just steps away.
Projected Opening: Late November
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short%20section_04.jpg14) Atwater Village: The Morrison
Major Players: Marc Kreiner, Charles Lew, and Alex Kagianaris
The Situation: The Stout crew is taking on Scottish gastropub fare at the former Kuma Sushi spot on Los Feliz Blvd, a stone's throw from Atwater Village. The slick, minimalist Spacecraft design will have modern interpretations of classic Highland dishes.
Projected Opening: Late November
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barcito.JPG13) Silver Lake: The Village Idiot / The Black Cat
Major Players: Lindsay Kennedy, Charles Conrad, and Dean Malouf
The Situation: The Melrose gastropub trailblazer takes on Silver Lake's Sunset Junction in this massive restaurant that formerly housed Le Barcito and a laundromat. Expect a similar menu and unpretentious feel that should work perfectly with the neighborhood. A recent liquor license report shows a pending application with a DBA of The Black Cat, the name of spot previous to Le Barcito. No word yet on the official name.
Projected Opening: November
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20120424_seoulsausage_560x375-thumb.jpg12) Sawtelle/Little Osaka: Seoul Sausage Company
Major Players: Ted Kim, Yong Kim, Chris Oh
The Situation: Though they were hoping to open some time in August, Seoul Sausage Company will bring their food truck favorites to Little Osaka. The Great Food Truck stars look to solidify their popularity in a brick-and-mortar joint that will boast bulgogi burgers, Korean-inflected sausages, and a deli-style variety of prepared foods.
Projected Opening: Mid-to-Late September
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sirenabeverlyblvd.JPG11) Beverly Blvd: Sirena
Major Players: Sandy Gendel, Michael Sutton
The Situation:The late Pane e Vino is getting a full transformation into a completely of-the-moment farm-to-table Cal-Ital (yes, all of those dashes) resto that features a massive new wood-fired oven to along the long dining room and swell back garden patio. For now though, the place is a war zone of construction.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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marivannala.jpg10) Melrose: Mari Vanna
Major Players: Tatiana Brunetti
The Situation: The popular Russian chain of over-the-top restaurants makes its debut around the corner from La Cienega's Restaurant Row and in the former Bastide space. Last Eater checked, it was in the thick of construction with plywood covering the entire site. Original estimated opening was supposed to be summer.
Projected Opening: Late Fall
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2012_2_mochica.jpg9) Downtown: Mo-Chica Concept
Major Players: Stephane Bombet, Ricardo Zarate
The Situation: The original Mo-Chica, a humble food stall at Mercado La Paloma in lower Downtown, is taking on another Peruvian concept from the star chef of Picca and the new Mo-Chica in Downtown 7th Street Restaurant Alley. So far management has been mum about the concept and menu, but promises to release information as soon as its been finalized.
Projected Opening: October.
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boost-kitchen-02-04272012-thumb.jpg8) Venice: FEED Body + Soul
Major Players: Matt Dickson, Marcos Tello, DeeAnna Staats
The Situation: Although Nancy Silverton's name was thrown around in the beginning, it turns out she's not involved in this health-oriented restaurant that highlights farmers market produce, lean meats, whole grains and seeds for a wholesome experience. Of course Tello's organic cocktail program might counteract that a bit.
Projected Opening: October
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2012_05_itrasm.jpg7) Melrose: Itri
Major Players: Casey Lane
The Situation: The Tasting Kitchen Chef looks to expand his mini-empire with a second restaurant opening this year, after the successful launch of Downtown's The Parish. Lane takes another Italian angle at Itri, but this time with a wood-fired rotisserie in play at the former Angeli Caffe location.
Projected Opening: Mid October
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2012_05_connietedssm.jpg6) West Hollywood: Connie & Ted's
Major Players: Craig Nickoloff, Michael Cimarusti
The Situation: A genuine New England-style seafood shack at the former Silver Spoon in West Hollywood. Anticipate an oyster bar and New England seafood favorites like crab cakes, lobster rolls, and fried clams with a full bar and late night hours.
Projected Opening:Mid-October
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2012_05_bestiasm.jpg5) Downtown: Bestia
Major Players: Bill Chait, Ori Menashe
The Situation: Chait is like a Hollywood producer that has only made hits. The 140-seat Arts District locale brings an Italian flair to the neighborhood, with a genuine Neapolitan wood-fired oven.
Projected Opening: November
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2012_05_fatcowsm.jpg4) Grove: The Fat Cow
Major Players: Gordon Ramsay
The Situation: The superstar chef brings a European inspired farm-to-table gastropub nestled next to the Pacific Theatres inside the heart of The Grove. Gordo opens another LA spot after selling off ownership in his original restaurant inside The London Hotel. They've already started hiring front of house staff.
Projected Opening: Mid-October
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baramaphoto.JPG3) Downtown: Bar Amá
Major Players: Josef Centeno
The Situation: Drawing from his San Antonio roots, Centeno modernizes his grandmother's cooking to Downtown's Historic Core in the former Urban Noodle space. A wood-fired char grill promises some of the best fajitas in town, along with a slew of Tex-Mex classics that are sure to fill a void in LA.
Projected Opening: Early November
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Barnyard%20Logo%20with%20Goat.jpg2) Venice: Barnyard
Major Players: Jeremy Fox
The Situation:Taking over the old Benice in Venice, Jeremy Fox brings a hyper-local, foraging mentality to his own restaurant (after consulting on a number of projects in LA). He's seeking to re-interpret peasant cuisine with rustic, seasonal, and shareable plates in a clean, communal space.
Projected Opening: Early October
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Picture%204.jpg1) Los Feliz: Mess Hall
Major Players: Rob Serritella, Keith Silverton, Erik Lund, Bill Chait
The Situation:The former Louise's Trattoria is looking at a completely modern take on American classics with a military, boy-scout slant that will fit right into Los Feliz. Cocktails by Erik Lund draw from training by Julian Cox.
Projected Opening: September 10
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Other notable openings: Skewers, Vice, Fritzi Dog, and Gaucho Chicken Cafe

The Fat Cow

189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, Ca 90036 (323) 965-1020

Urban Garden

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Mari Vanna

8475 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-655-1977


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Cognoscenti Coffee

6114 Washington Boulevard, , CA 90232 (310) 363-7325 Visit Website


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