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N/Naka's Affordable Dinner Special, Cocktail on Tap at Eveleigh, More!

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PALMS—N/Naka, a tiny kaiseki place run by chef Niki Nakayama (Azami), is usually a pretty pricey affair with tasting menus that start at $110 for a multi-course dinner. BUT, Grub Street says that Sunday nights, from January 27 through February 10, the restaurant is serving a $55 five-course menu with all proceeds going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. For $30 extra one can add a wine pairing. [Grub Street]

WEST HOLLYWOOD— Cocktails on tap are happening at Eveleigh thanks to mixtress Kiowa Bryan. Right now the country-chic restaurant on Sunset is dispensing its first ever mixed drink on tap: an Aviation sparkling blood orange Negroni. [EaterWire]

GLENDALE—Golden Road Brewing's inaugural brewmaster Jon Carpenter just recently departed the Gelndale facility. He is replaced by new brewmaster Jesse Houck who previously served as head brewer of Drake's Brewing Company in San Leandro. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN—LAmag's Bill Esparza takes a seat at Bar Ama and is pleased to find a couple lesser known agave spirits behind the bar. He's especially excited about bacanora, "a type of mezcal made from the wild Yaquiano agaves that grow in the northern Mexican state of Sonora," and sotol, "the drink of the state of Chihuahua, distilled from a different kind of agave known as the Desert Spoon." [LAmag]

[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]


8752 Sunset Boulevard, , CA 90069 (424) 239-1630 Visit Website

Bar Ama

118 W 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 687-8002


3455 W Overland Avenue, los angeles, California 90034 310 836 6252 Visit Website