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Inside and Outside RivaBella's Tuscan Farmhouse Chic

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Elizabeth Daniels 1/13

Taking over a portion of the ground once occupied by West Hollywood's Hamburger Hamlet comes RivaBella, the Tuscan farmhouse concept open yesterday for dinner and today for lunch from IDG and chef Gino Angelini. Designed by Studio Collective (The Spare Room, Public), the 8,000 square foot restaurant and bar is modeled after a "centuries old, rustic Tuscan farmhouse" with modern embellishments and a substantial outdoor dining space as promied by IDG's Lee Maen.

IDG indeed loves its patio dining and oversized round booths, as also seen at across the street neighbor BOA, another IDG restaurant.

Still to come in the remaining Hamburger Hamlet space is an Asian concept by a tba chef.
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9201 W Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069 310 278 2060