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Bamboo Izakaya Opening Later this Month on Ocean Ave

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Remember how Ozumo in Santa Monica Place was going to shutter and move to Ocean Avenue? Well, Ozumo did cease operation on December 31 and its FOH and BOH teams are relocating to the long vacant Tengu sushi space on Ocean Avenue to relaunch as Bamboo Izakaya, an American/Asian hybrid with an iPad ordering system. Executive chef Toshio Sakamaki's small plate menu, priced around $10 per dish, ranges from Caprese salad with a yuzu vinaigrette to udon hot pots to robata items. Right now management is looking to open at the end of this month, maybe around January 28, although that date is not yet finalized. And as for the iPad technology, guests will order off iPads in place of servers.
·Ozumo Breaks Up with Santa Monica Place for Ocean Ave [~ELA~]

Bamboo Izakaya

1541 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401