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Both the Music and Flavors are Loud at Grill 'Em All, Now Serving The SGV

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Phone: 626-284-28746769
Status: Soft opened January 15
"We always wanted to open our own space and the truck was meant to be a stepping stone" says co-owner Matthew Chernus who, with chef and partner Ryan Harkins, rolled out the Grill 'Em All Truck three years ago. In 2010 the heavy metal meets burger-themed truck won The Great Food Truck Race and that $50k prize money helped to bring their imaginative burgers to The SGV. Situated within The Alhambra Renaissance Center, Grill 'Em All the post and beam operation is decorated with heavy metal posters, art by Andy Anderson, and TVs. Some truck favorites grace the menu, in addition to new creations, but overall burgers are anything but lacking flavor or creativity. The Dee Snider is composed of Peanut butter, strawberry jam, bacon, and sriracha ($9); and the Powerslave is layered with brie, bourbon-apple compote, balsamic aioli and greens ($9). So, nothing especially traditional here.

Not surprisingly, beer comes in cans or on draft, and Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches can finish a meal. While Grill 'Em All's official opening day is tomorrow, the restaurant started to soft serve earlier this week. Hours of operation run daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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Grill 'Em All

19 East Main Street Alhambra, CA 91801