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Hollywood's Newest Place to Party: The Emerson Theatre

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Elizabeth Daniels 1/13

The Emerson Theatre is SBE's Mark Zeff-designed vision of a 1920s theatre-themed nightclub open January 9 in the former home to MyHouse. The reworked venue comes with all the usual trimming and fixtures: ubiquitous oversized booths, two bars, a DJ station, and plenty of room to boogie. While many nighttime haunts stick to the basics when it comes to drinks, Emerson hired mixologist Peter Kanaat to devise a speciality cocktail menu with quick-to-make cocktails, so here one can order a Mint Julep, a Watermelon Mojito, or a Jalapeño Margarita. Now showing Wednesday and Friday nights.
·SBE is Opening The Emerson Theatre on January 9 [~ELA~]