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LQ Popping Up Again, This Time at His Own Place

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Sprightly chef Laurent Quenioux, who last popped-up at Barney Greengrass in Beverly Hills, has been off the grid for more than a few months. While he's still the executive chef at Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena, the creative side of Quenioux has been itching to come out and play again. In an odd turn, LQ is turning his space at Vertical into a pop-up by offering a few days of crazy new menus. On February 10 and 11, and again on February 24 and 25, find a new LQ menu made with some influence from his Starry Kitchen days. Reservations can be made online. Unlike the Starry Kitchen pop-ups, a full bar is available at Vertical. View the five course menu, including green lentil jam, below.

THE MENU: LQ at Vertical

Mise en Bouche

Amuse: Lamb Heart Tartare, Razor Clam Congee, Sea Snail Karaage roll

1st Course

Parsnip soup, Carlsbad Oyster, Smoked Dashi Gelee, American Paddle ?sh roe, Wasabi Darphin

2nd Course

Fresh Anchovies, Chorizo Hushpuppies, Roasted Wheat Crumbs, Poached Yolk, Burnt Serrano Ham, Celtuce

3rd Course

Chinese Lion Peppers, Duck Leg Con?t, Duck Gizzards, Duck Tongues, Duck Hearts, -8, Apricot Seed Dust

4th Course

Trotters and Tails Pot Pie, Truf?es, Chanterelles, Salsify


Bay Leaves n Cloves Ice Cream, Pears, Roquefort Cheese, Green Lentil Jam

Cheese Cart

Selection of 30 non-pasteurized cheeses, imported from France, with Chef LQ's house-made condiments

3 for $12 | 5 for $20 | 7 for $28
The Whole Cart - $120

Vertical Wine Bistro

70 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103 626 795 3999

LQ Foodings

70 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103