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Pink Onyx, Flower Walls: More on Barton G. The Rest.

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Photo: Barton G. The Restaurant, Miami

Miami's over the top restaurateur and party-thrower, Barton G. Weiss, will soon foist his essential Barton G. The Restaurant on Los Angeles. And, most appropriately, it's opening in the failed home to Rose on La Cienega. In an interview with Eater Miami, Weiss shares new intel. To start, the restaurant's debut has been pushed from February to March and Weiss explains that this LA branch will be more understated and customized to a SoCal clientele: "fun, elegant, not complete craziness but a little."

A pink onyx bar and a flower wall will come into play and guests will sit on chairs and sofas at table height. As for food and drink, chef Jeff O'Neill (The Dining Room at The Villa by Barton G.) is still looking for someone to execute his eccentric American menu (Lobster Pop Tarts, Samurai Tuna). Portions in LA will be smaller than in Miami and chef-driven cocktails made from "herbs and interesting mixes" are planned. As told to Eater, Weiss says, "It wouldn't be me if it wasn't a little crazy. The hard part is that I compete with myself. There's nobody else I can get inspired by."
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Barton G

861 N LA Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Barton G. The Restaurant

861 N La Cienega Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069