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A Little Bit of Paris Headed to Downtown via Le Petit Paris

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Inside Le Petit Paris, Cannes, France. Photo: L'Instant Resto

Just when it seemed like Los Angeles could benefit from additional French eateries, two are underway within blocks of each other downtown. In addition to Yassmin Sarmadi's Spring, David and Fanny Rolland, restaurateurs from Cannes, France, are opening a second branch of their Le Petit Paris at Spring and 4th. Currently in the permitting process, the Rollands have hired Raveled Studio (Plan Check) to manage architecture, with French designer Christophe Samain to head aesthetics. Judging from Le Petit Paris' website, this is a chic and upscale French number with a menu that sounds almost American. There's a Wagyu cheeseburger, lobster pasta, a veal chop, and plates cost from 14€ for an appetizer to 36€ for an entree. More to come. [EaterWire]

Le Petit Paris

416 SOUTH SPRING STREET Los Angeles, California 90013