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Cafe Demitasse Heads to Santa Monica This April

Photo: R.E. Photography

First, an architect-turned-coffee monger ventures westward, now a lawyer-turned-coffee monger will also venture westward. Later this spring, Bobak Roshan is adding a Cafe Demitasse to Santa Monica's 3rd Street, just north of the Promenade. At the new location, Demitasse will exclusively use house-roasted beans (still in conjunction with Trystero), thereby taking Demitasse into the realms of other L.A. micro roasters (much like Cafe Luxxe and Cafecito Organico). The pièce de résistance at Demitasse Santa Monica will be the ultra exclusive Alpha Dominche Steampunk multi-group siphon machine which weighs in at a beastly 160 pounds, draws a whopping 30 amps of current, and enables baristas to extract 120 cups per hour.

Intelligentsia Venice has a Slow Bar, think of Demitasse as the Fast Bar. The Steampunk will most likely be the first in Los Angeles, and is the complete antithesis of the Little Tokyo branch's humble M.O. which utilizes a rack of $15 Clever drippers. Expect an April debut for the Robert Weimer (Chaya DTLA, bld) designed space. [EaterWire]

Cafe Demitasses

1149 3rd St Santa Monica, CA 90403