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David LeFevre's Fishing With Dynamite to MB This Spring

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Perhaps the question shouldn't be is chef David LeFevre launching a sophomore effort, but when? And where? Proprietor of Manhattan Beach crown jewel, M.B. Post, LeFevre tells the LA Times that he's planning a 30-seater seafood joint called Fishing With Dynamite to open this spring. Located a block from the ocean, LeFevre will blend East Coast and West Coast seafood sensibilities in a 1,100-square-foot whitewashed cottage designed by Chicago's FC Studio. In addition to a raw bar, LeFevre will serve an affordably priced menu of local fish plus seafood from "really exceptional seafood areas of the world." He explains, "It's not what we can do to the fish, but what we can do for the fish ... high-quality fresh seafood simply prepared in an interesting way."
·David LeFevre to open Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach [~ELA~]

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

Fishing With Dynamite

1148 Manhattan Avenue, , CA 90266 (310) 893-6299 Visit Website