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Abbot Kinney's Newest Hot Spot is FEED Body & Soul

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[Photos: Feed Body & Soul]

Designer DeeAnna Staats' newest project, FEED Body & Soul, feels like a swanky downtown loft, and it has lofty goals to match. The Venice-based restaurant and bar "has set out to prove that eating well can be a daily indulgence," according to a release. Ms. Staats gets to test this theory starting tomorrow, when FEED opens for breakfast and lunch.

Behind the stoves inside the open kitchen is Chef/Partner Matthew Dickson (Oceana in NY, Rockenwagner, Grace), who has created an all-organic menu, most of which is cooked inside of an impressive Rotisol French Rotisserie. Whole fish, whole meats and even eggs are cooked inside of this rotating apparatus. Additionally, the menu offers items by category: Pickles, Spreads, Market Soups & Salads, Sandwiches, and Savory Grain & Vegetable Bowls are all on offer for lunch and dinner daily. Breakfast consists of lighter, smaller items like fresh juice, smoothies and fruit bowls.

The interior walls are dominated by hand-painted murals by CRYPTIK, which took nearly a month to complete. In the center of the space, find a massive square bar, made of rare (and, if the marketing language is consistent, sustainable?) Siberian Lynx Italian marble. Behind the bar, Marcos Tello is slinging an all-organic cocktail list, organic soda, organic wines and locally sourced craft beers.

Perhaps the best and most unexpected part of the space is the upstairs outdoor patio, filled with twinkly nights to watch the sun set over one of the country's best streets.
FEED plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Breakfast and lunch service start tomorrow, January 31, while dinner service begins next Monday, February 4.
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