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Five Things You Should Know About Pitfire Pizza MB

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[Elizabeth Daniels, 1/30]

Paul Hibler and David Sanfield's pizza throw down continues across SoCal with today's opening of Pitfire Pizza Manhattan Beach. What separates this "chain" from the rest is its aversion to cookie-cutter design. Since every location is different, here's a primer on the newest Pitfire.

1) Music is a big part of the Pitfire feel. At the newest location, there's a DJ table that will be spinning on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

2) This location was designed by LA-based architect Anthony Agriam, who maintained the original structure, but opened the interior up, redesigned the seating arrangements and added some bold furnishings.
3) The wood-fired kiln oven is similar to the oven Pitfire uses at their Fairfax location. It fires pizzas at 630?F.

4) Outdoor dining is a big deal here. Pick the right patio seat and you'll get a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

5) As we're in beach territory, casual is the name of the game. There's a massive flat-screen TV in the middle of the space, meant to entertain families, sports fans, and everyone in between.
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