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Fredo Vita, Concierge at The SLS, on What Whales Want

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Because it's Whale Week, we're looking at how and where the moneyed class eat and drink. One thing all whales do is travel, and so we decided to talk to some of LA's top concierges about their experiences with whales.
[Elizabeth Daniels, 1/30]

Fredo Vita is the Chef Concierge at Beverly Hills' SLS Hotel and has been a concierge for over 10 years. Home to one of LA's most exciting restaurants, The Bazaar By José Andrés, the SLS attracts a wide and distinctive clientele. Among them are some serious whales. Below, Vita explains how he deals with the big spenders when they land at The SLS.

What goes into working as a concierge?
Of course, we're expected to provide exceptional service. Any concierge will tell you that, any concierge at a luxury property. But it's more than that. There's a lot of thought and foresight that we put into it.

Is there anything different about working in Beverly Hills versus working in other locations?
Absolutely. We have an amazing mix of travelers who land here and immediately want the hottest hot rod known to man. At the same time, we have families who come to Beverly Hills for their once-a-year vacation and want to take a tour of Star Homes. It's an awesome mix.

What is the most expensive request a guest has asked for?
Let's just say that it involved Bobcats in Arizona.

Can you expand on that?
Actually, no, I really shouldn't disclose any more information about that case.

What is the most outrageous request?
Please refer to the Bobcats.

Do celebrities ever stay at the property?
Always, but do I ever see them? The answer is no [wink].

Are there any regulars from abroad? Where are they from?
Australia, UK, Turkey... LAX has opened up direct flights to LA and so we tend to get those guests more frequently, LA is such an escape for so many!

What are the most common requests?
People need to eat and so we talk a lot about food, but we don't just make dinner reservations for people. We create experiences. Our duties consist of anything and everything as long as it is legal and it is kind. It's fun. It keeps us on our toes and we give the luxury level of service that the SLS is proud to offer.

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The Bazaar by Jose Andres

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