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Allumette's Flame Burns Tonight in Echo Park

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[Elizabeth Daniels, 1/31]

First there was the Allston Yacht Club. Then there was The Vagrancy Project. Now, from both the original AYC partners Bill Didonna and Charles Kelly as well as Vagrancy Project's Miles Thompson (Son of a Gun), here's Allumette, opening right on schedule, tonight.

Thompson's menu is an inventive sort of mash, with dishes like cavatelli with uni ragu and fromage noir; carrot salad with sunchokes; and baharat-rubbed lamb sirloin with date soubise, cinnamon labne, and grapefruit. Open Tuesday through Sundays, 6:00 p.m. until midnight, Allumette adds something new to the Echo Park food scene.
·Allumette's Outfit is Taking Shape, Opening in January [~ELA~]