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Pizza Pizzeria Wants to Be the Chipotle of Pizza

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The assembly-line pizza concept, arguably first popularized in Los Angeles by Adam Fleischman's 800 Degrees, continues to be a popular concept. The newest example is named Pizza Pizzeria, because clearly that was the most unique name available at the time. Chefs Rodelio Aglibot (Koi, BLT) and Frank Fronda (Napa Valley Grille, Cafe del Rey, Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire) are partnering with restaurant guy Charlie Candelas (Wolfgang Puck, Darden Restaurants). This experienced trio promises to copy Chipotle's assembly line and offer 10" hand-tossed pizzas that guests can customize. The pizzas are then fired in a very hot stone oven for 3 minutes. The main difference between Pizza Pizzeria and the other guys? The price. These 10" personal pizzas will cost the diner just $6. Also on the menu are "pre-crafted" pizzas, salads, pastas, beer and wine, all priced around $6. Pizza Pizzeria has no solid plans to open a location just yet, but when they do, they will open three within the first year. [EaterWire]