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Tracking the Lee Yang Scandal: WHO is Andy Wang?

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The Lee Yang Scandal deepens. After delving further into the mystery, it appears that things at the former Fraiche are more complicated than an Agatha Christie novel. The website for the supposedly forthcoming haute Chinese restaurant is actually "" not "," so the email listed on its rudimentary window signage ( doesn't go to anyone associated with the place. In fact, can be YOURS at this very moment for the low, low price of $4,833.

"" is registered to someone named "Gang Wang" in Beijing. That person also happens to be the listed registrar of this Chinese photography site that prominently features a baby penis. Thanks to Google Translate, it appears to be a site for child photography in Beijing. Digging deeper, the email address listed ( turns up a post in 2011 on a website called under the user name "gangzi." Looking at other posts by that user, leads to a description that describes photography services in LA by a guy named Andy Wang. The page? Putting it all together from "Gang Wang" to "gangzi" to "Andy Wang," makes it seem like Andy Wang is behind the restaurant in some way.

It gets fishier though, because the photos on "" appear to be stolen from other sources. website lists a "LeeYang Restaurant Management Group INC." According to the CA Secretary of State, that company was incorporated over the summer and lists their address in Arcadia. Here's their Facebook page. On that Facebook page, someone named "Yang Lee" has been posting photos that also appear on One of the photos appears to come from The Fat Duck. The other photos seem like they're lifted from this page. Note that those photos were posted on May 30, 2011, so they're obviously not from the kitchen of a new restaurant. The Facebook page for Yang Lee is here.

Further down the rabbit hole reveals this to be Andy Wang based on another email address listed.

So who IS Andy Wang and how is he involved here?
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— Jason Kessler


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