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Actually, a Mr Chow Imposter is Taking Over Fraiche

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Something very strange is going down at the former Fraiche in Santa Monica. Pedestrians who pass the restaurant will note the above posted window signage which indicates a high end Asian restaurant is slated to move in. Signage also lists a job call with email addresses linked to and (this email bounces back). This here is "chef" Lee Yang's website which shows a photo of the vacant Fraiche space and under "Company Profile" one will find Yang's bio description which states this: "In 2010 he came to the United States with his own professional team. He served as an executive chef at MR CHOW Beverly Restaurant, MR CHOW Manhattan Restaurants, New York and Miami Beach Restaurant."

However, Max Chow drops Eater a note to say that the Mr Chow restaurant group has no record of a Lee Yang working for them. Ever. He adds, "We have no chefs, executive or otherwise, who have worked in all four New York(2), Miami and Beverly Hills restaurants as his website seems to claim."

Meanwhile, a former Fraiche employee states that previous Fraiche chefs are taking over the kitchen. What the? Tips welcome down below.
·Mr. Chow Vet Replacing Fraiche with High End Chinese [~ELA~]


312 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90401