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Brian Malarkey's Herringbone to Oust Asia de Cuba?

More news on Brian Malarkey's plan to expand to Los Angeles. While the chef is busy overseeing five San Diego restaurants and one in Scottsdale, Eater hears that he has been eying the Asia de Cuba space at The Mondrian — whose lease is unlikely to be extended. What's more, Malarkey's partner James Brennan states that though they "are very far off from a deal, that's a great space and we'd be lucky to get it." He also confirms, "It would likely be a Herringbone," the group's seafood centric concept.

As for Malarkey's fellow Top Cheftestent and Herringbone SD chef de cuisine Amanda Baumgarten, her return to LA is not an assumption to be made.
·Brian Malarkey's Herringbone to LA, Searsucker to Austin [~ELA~]
— David Morris

[Photo: Asia de Cuba at The Mondrian]

Asia de Cuba

8440 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069