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Finally! A Puerto Rican Restaurant in Los Angeles

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Puerto Rican food is grossly underrepresented in Los Angeles, especially when compared with the number of restaurants that sell Korean, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cuisine. Jennifer Lopez famously owned a Puerto Rican place in South Pasadena called Madres, but it shuttered back in 2008. And while Cuban and Jamaican places dot the city, Old San Juan, set to soft open this Sunday, January 6, will be one of the city's few exclusively Puerto Rican joints. Chef Luis Castro, a native of the island of Puerto Rico, will be serving an extensive menu including mofongo, plantains, soups, stews, pork and beans. Soon to open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Old San Juan in Atwater Village will have its official grand opening on January 18. [EaterWire]

Old San Juan

2830 Fletcher Dr. Atwater Village Los Angeles, CA 90039