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This is La Brea Bakery's New Home on ... La Brea

Elizabeth Daniels 1/13

La Brea Bakery, a Los Angeles staple founded in the late '80s by Nancy Silverton, has survived many years in a quaint, vine-covered brick building attached to the late Campanile on La Brea. Since its humble beginnings, La Brea Bakery has grown to service grocery stores and restaurants across the country, with La Brea Bakery cafes opening at airports from LAX to JFK.

But La Brea Bakery had to relocate once chef Walter Manzke and Bill Chait decided to move into the Campanile space with Manzke's French concept titled Republique. Admittedly, the prior La Brea Bakery home was more charming, but the former Rita Flora space up the block works well enough with its substancial windows which flood the space with light. The aesthetic at La Brea Bakery is still a work in progress, and management hopes to secure a larger area in the same building to expand the cafe. But, as of this past Saturday, La Brea Bakery 2.0 is up and running.
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