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Grill 'Em All Burger Set to Open in Alhambra January 19

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Three years after beating the Nom Nom Truck in The Great Food Truck Race and winning the $50K cash money, Grill 'em All Burger is set to open its first brick and mortar in Alhambra on January 19 (pending final inspections, of course). The duo of Matthew Chernus and Ryan Harkins have dubbed this new locale their very own Valhalla, and the 1,800 square foot interior shows matte black counter with seating for nine, bare plywood simply adorned with portraits of metal legends, and wall art by Andy Anderson.

The entire restaurant, replete with a flat screen TV, is more modern Apple Pan than Slaughter House. The transformation from Johnny Rockets to Grill 'em All took three months, and the beer/wine license is already in effect. With Hot Red Bus also applying for its beer and wine license, Renaissance plaza will triple its beer options for moviegoers shortly.
·Grill 'Em All Truck Going Brick and Mortar in The SGV [~ELA~]

Grill 'Em All

19 E Main St Alhambra, CA 91801