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Allumette's Outfit is Taking Shape, Opening in January

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Elizabeth Daniels 1/13

Allumette, formerly known as Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park, is still on target to open before the end of January with chef Miles Thompson commanding the kitchen. As some might recall, Thompson was a sous chef at Son of a Gun and decamped to work on a concept he called The Vagrancy Project. Thompson brought Vagrancy to AYC this past summer and, after a successful stint, AYC owners Bill Didonna and Charles Kelly asked him to stay on and transform their restaurant into his restaurant.

So, the space is under construction to become an understated cozy place with dark teak wood and red accents. Thompson plans to offer customized tasting menus of about 10 to 15 dishes. The diner selects four to five plates which are served in tasting menu form. Classic and new classic cocktails to be crafted by Serena Herrick of Harvard & Stone.
·Miles Thompson is Now EC at Allumette, Formerly AYC [~ELA~]