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Coffee Commissary Gets Ziggy With It In Burbank

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Elizabeth Daniels 10/13

Coffee Commissary gets its third outlet in Burbank after buzzing up Fairfax and Siren Studios. Originally an Orange Julius shack and a former Peruvian restaurant, Tyler King brought a swell angular design that features gray, white, and orange colors zig zags that might enough to send the coffee geek into a caffeinated bliss. On site, expect house-based goods (think bacon quiche), free wifi, patio seating, and even a pay phone, for those evading the government. For brews, find expertly pulled espresso by Coava Coffee in Portland, as well as hand-drip pourover coffee. So, Burbank finally gets its third wave, hipster coffee shop. Hours run 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., plenty of time for aspiring screenwriters to keep their laptops on.
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Coffee Commissary

3121 West Olive Avenue, , CA 91505 (323) 782-1465 Visit Website