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ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen Flavors Santa Monica

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[Photo: Elizabeth Daniels]

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen loves its Sriracha sauce. In Hollywood and in Santa Monica, too. Above, a look into Los Angeles' second ShopHouse outlet, which replaces La Salsa on Santa Monica Boulevard at the Third Street Promenade. Perfectly positioned for tourists and Downtown SM denizens, ShopHouse debuts tomorrow, although there's a free tasting taking place today at noon. Yesterday, employees passed out tasting tickets and coupons for complimentary bowls, perhaps if you don't have one staff still might let you in. Just like Steve Ells' Chipotle model, patrons order at the front counter and then seat themselves, but instead of tacos guests customize Southeast Asian-flavored bowls priced under $10 each.
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ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen

1401 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, California 90401