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Court Rules PETA vs. Hot's Kitchen Foie Suit May Proceed

Remember the PETA vs Hot's Kitchen scuffle over a comp side of foie gras that the Hermosa restaurant was offering to patrons post the July 1, 2012 foie gras ban? PETA believed the freebie side of foie served alongside the restaurant's Balsamic Burger voilated the law, and thusly threatened a lawsuit. Although Hot's claimed the suit was a ploy for attention, and management stated they were never served with any such case. But now a PETA rep pipes up, saying that the "Superior Court of Los Angeles County has just ruled that the lawsuit can proceed." Apparently the Balsamic Burger was formerly named the "Foie Gras Burger" and the gratis side of foie is considered false advertising "in violation of California's foie gras ban and Unfair Competition Law." No word yet from Hot's camp.
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Hot's Kitchen

844 Hermosa Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 318-2939

Hot's Kitchen

844 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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