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After a Failed Kickstarter, Gravlax Coming Along Slowly

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A quick stop by Gravlax, the upcoming Scandinavian and Turkish concept from Arda Koca and Lars Magnus Stefansson, shows little progress from a few months ago when the duo openly asked for support via Kickstarter. However, only 46 backers pledged $3,432, well short of the $35,000 ask. As of this past Friday, there was a half-painted mural, a mostly built bar, and plenty of rough edges around the Culver City wine and coffee bar. Still, empty bottles and cups, drawings, and tools scattered about could mean work is continuing. The relatively high Kickstarter amount seems to imply that Koca and Stefansson might be short on the capital required to complete the space, which was previously a comic book shop.
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12400 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90066

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