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Nitropod, LA's First Ever Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Truck

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Los Angeles has ice cream trucks, and Los Angeles has liquid nitrogen ice cream found at places like Ice Cream Lab. And now, with the inception of Nitropod, Los Angeles has its first ever liquid nitro ice cream truck, freezing organic ingredients at -321° into flavors like Sunday's French Toast, Cinnamon Bun, and Avocado Lime sorbet.

Until now, Nitropod, founded by Scot Rubin, has catered private events. But, Rubin is in the process of re-oufitting an old 30-foot RV thanks to Pimp My Ride at Galpin Auto Sports into the above pictured vehicle, which will continue to cater private events, but will also hits the streets for public consumption. Rubin explains that receiving permission from LA County for liquid nitrogen onboard the vehicle hasn't been easy, but he's confident he has just about secured all necessary approvals. As it now stands, Rubin hopes to roll the truck out for holiday parties in December. [EaterWire]

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