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Chengdu Taste Expands Hours; Daw Yee Hosts Art Collab

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1) Alhambra: Chengdu Taste's chef Tony Xu has been incessantly apologizing for the intolerable wait at his small restaurant since it received the initial LA Times review. Extended hours of 11 a.m. to midnight were announced just in time to battle the second LA Times piece. To celebrate the coverage, a Chinese dough figurine artist will be present all day today, sculpting classic and modern dough models to entertain the waiting visitors with a 4000-year old art form.

2) Alhambra: Shi Hai (Four Seas) will move into the newly constructed and long vacant building which Blue Ocean Seafood held until it was demolished by a massive fire. The new restaurant will be absolutely immense, as Shi Hai management is also taking over the adjacent 1,383 square foot D&F BBQ. The end result will be a massive space bigger than the existing 8,700 square foot parking lot. Type 41 license is already in place at 1412 S. Garfield Ave, but this development will probably see a 2014 opening as the CUP for the new area still hasn't been approved. 1412 S Garfield Ave.

3) Monterey Park: Daw Yee will host an art and food collaboration with a special prix fixe menu. Chef Dylan Chow and artist Emman Crespo will pair eight dishes with eight paintings on November 12. Chow's menu includes: "vegan except the seashell" which compliments Crespo's "Snail," "time traveled shrimp" for Crespo's "Two Lessions on Uncertainty," etc. Reservations can be made at: 626-573-8080. 828 W Valley Blvd..

4) Monterey Park: Chung King, visited by Huell Howser during his pig ear crawl, has flipped to a new owner. Exterior signage remains unchanged, but the Chinese name now reads "Sichuan Pearl House," and the old website is down. 206 S Garfield Ave.

Chengdu Taste

1412 S Garfield Ave Alhambra, CA 91801

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