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An Early Look at The Oinkster, Coming to Hollywood

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Though it has been a project in the making, Andre Guerrero's slow food fast joint, The Oinkster, is expanding from Eagle Rock to Hollywood, opening at some point between the last week of December and the second week of January. Demo work is pretty much complete and the old Sushi Hiroba is well on its way to look like the above pictured rendering by Design, Bitches (Superba Snack Bar).

For those unfamiliar with The Oinkster, think of it as a retro fast food diner with burgers, fries and shakes, but also salads and sandwiches all made with high quality ingredients. Craft beer and wine, too. Definitely a welcome addition to Hollywood, especially if hours run later into the night.
·Andre Guerrero's The Oinkster Becoming a Star in Hwood [~ELA~]

The Oinkster

776 Vine St Los Angeles, CA 90038