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No More Deep-Dish Pizzas From Hollywood Pies

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Photo: Amy T. Shuster, LA Weekly

Hollywood Pies, the highly-lauded Chicago-style deep dish pizza parlor in Mid City, announced their closure on their website today. Starting out in small, start-up fashion, their reputation grew as homesick Midwesterners spread the word of their thick pies topped with fresh tomato sauce. The pizza joint had gotten a brick-and-mortar space with a dining room just seven months ago. There's no further explanation for the shutter on the site except that there probably wasn't enough demand for that kind of pizza despite low prices and quick carryout service.

"Experimenting in their tiny Craftsman kitchen in San Diego, these two started creating Chicago style pies. They would rush home from work, change their clothes and get into the kitchen while their cat Earl was perched on a stool nearby, watching these two laugh as flour was lightly dusted on every surface of the kitchen. They made these pies- testing doughs, sauces and recipes every night, and the following morning they would bring them to work and smile to themselves as they watched their co-workers close their eyes and enjoy the pies that were baked the night before.

A small catering kitchen was found in Los Angeles, and Alexandra, along with two of her friends, rented a room in nearby West Hollywood. Every morning they would wake up and get the kitchen prepared for their big opening in June of 2011. Every night they would sleepily stand in a corner at the FedEx on Beverly and cut little strips of paper that would serve as flyers to be placed on the windshields of cars that very night. They were determined and willing and they made Hollywood Pies their life.

David would then drive in from San Diego every Friday after work. Fighting the horrifying traffic and braving the honking of cars, he would pull up to 385 N. La Cienega, put his apron on and join his crew of deep dish pie makers. There would be weeknights where only a handful of hungry midwesterners would call and place an order, but even then, they were all so proud."

Fans might be interested to know that owners David Miscimarra and Alex (last name unknown) are willing to continue the legacy or licensing [the] recipes and process, which can be done by contacting them here.

Hollywood Pies

6116 1/2 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90035

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