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Free Chef for You: Kitchensurfing Launches in LA

Just out of beta is the place to book an indie chef for anything you can think of—and lots
of things you can't. From hand-crafted meal drop-off service to chef-assisted green market shopping; from a sous chef in your kitchen for mis-en-place to pasta making lessons for the kids; from Thursday night dinner for two to Thanksgiving dinner for twenty. Kitchensurfing has you covered. (And not a moment too soon: brining is hard and if you fry the turkey you might blow up the house.)

In celebration of the launch they're giving away a free chef every night during the month of October. Live in New York, Boston, Chicago and Berlin, we're psyched to see finally come to their senses and set up shop in LA. To enter to win a free chef this month, simply click on through to and sign-up.