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Steven Arroyo Inks Deal For Escuela Taqueria in Pasadena

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Outdoor shopping center One Colorado in Pasadena already houses restaurants like AKA Bistro and Sushi Roku, but this winter restaurateur Steven Arroyo will help hipify the complex when he expands his popular Mexican cafe, Escuela Taqueria, from Beverly Boulevard to a second location within the complex. In tow, Escuela's MexiCali plates made with better ingredients, think tacos stuffed with responsibly-raised duck, branzino, and pork, accompanied by pickled nopales, habanero cole slaw and pumpkin seed gremolata. Agua frescas and churros, too. [EaterWire]

Escuela Taqueria

24 East Union Street, Pasadena, 91103