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Osteria Drago Flipped into Al Bacio Ristorante on Sunset

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Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

Al Bacio Ristorante has replaced Celestino Drago's year plus old Osteria Drago on Sunset, the more casual abode launched after Drago's demise. Sadly, the restaurant — which received a solid review from The Times — was frequently empty, and perhaps somewhat high prices are to blame. 8741 Sunset Blvd has been home to many an Italian eatery, prior to Osteria Drago Il Sole claimed ground. But as of about a month ago Al Bacio Ristorante has moved in, serving an Italian menu by chef Christian Simionato, former sous chef at Andrea Ristorante within The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport.

For the most part, Osteria Drago remains unchanged aesthetically, although new management has repainted walls and plans to change up artwork tomorrow.
· Il Sole No More, Osteria Drago Soft Open on Sunset [~ELA~]

Al Bacio Ristorante

8741 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069