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Dusty's Bistro Donzo; HomeState Opening in Dec

SILVER LAKE— Today a reader sent over the following note: "Friend just told me Dusty's on sunset officially Done. Phone disconnected and locked up during business hours last few days." Yikes. Dusty's, the neighborhood bistro on W. Sunset, shuttered over the summer for a facelift, though apparently the redress didn't pan out. The Eastsider reports that Dusty's has been sold and thusly the restaurant ended its run over the weekend. Word on the street is that a high-end Japanese eatery could be moving in. [The Eastsider]

WEST LA—Thanksgivvukah is a thing that's happening. And challurkey is a thing that's also happening. Bibi's Bakery & Cafe on Pico near S. Robertson is baking challah bread shaped into a turkey. Because why not. Pre-order only. [LAT]

HOLLYWOOD— BTW, that new Texas barbecue place HomeState, which replaces Storefront, is looking to open during second week of December. [EaterWire]

VENICE— Abbot Kinney sandwicherie Pork Belly's begins local delivery within a two mile radius on December 2. [EaterWire]


3200 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026