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Pazzo Gelato Scoops in Figat7th on Monday

In addition to Loteria Grill and Torta Co., what else is cooking in Figat7th? As mentioned, a host of new food operators are moving into dining destination The Taste. En route is Cali-Chinese eatery New Moon Cafe, Mediterranean Twist & Grill, Gentaro Soba, gastropub City Tavern, and on Monday Pazzo Gelato will launch its third location at 8 a.m. within the shopping center. Expect gelato and sorbet made with organic and local ingredients in flavors like buttermilk, egg nog, and strawberry custard.
·Twist & Grill, New Moon Café, Gentaro Soba Noodle Joining FIGat7th[~ELA~]


735 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90017