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Ze/Lin's Beauty Fudge Smoothie Brings Girls to the Yard

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Beverly Hills is continuing to flex its juice muscle with the inception of Ze/Lin, the new earthy number from three-time UFC Champion Rich Franklin and partner Billy Zebe. Hence the name Ze/Lin. Juices and smoothies here are made from totally organic ingredients, and while one can customize a drink ($6.95 for 16-ounces), there are some more unique beverages on offer like a Lotus Latte and a Beauty Fudge super food smoothie. Alternative milk options are made from hemp, coconut, and almond, and there's a refrigerated case housing baked goods sweetened with unrefined sugar. Remember, hours of operation run Monday to Saturday from 6:59 a.m. to 7:01 p.m. First in, last out.
·UFC Champ Debuting Ze/Lin, a Juice Bar in Beverly Hills [~ELA~]


252 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212