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Hermosa's The Mermaid to be Reborn as ... The Mermaid

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Outside The Mermaid, Hermosa Beach. [Photo: SteveOwen52]

As it turns out, The Mermaid remake, from those behind the Killer Shrimp duo of restaurants, will result in The Mermaid, slated to open the second week of December. After six years on the market, Hermosa Beach's longstanding beachside restaurant and bar will relaunch under the same moniker, this time around as an updated whiskey-centric watering hole, also serving food, but no Killer Shrimp. Inside, the restaurant will be defined by low light, ubiquitous dark wood, and pool tables. Some dishes from Killer Shrimp will be on offer, in addition to new signature plates, however, repeat, no form of Killer Shrimp served here. Also on tap, live music. Management adds, this is "Not your Grandfather's Mermaid."
· Killer Shrimp Crew to Hermosa [~ELA~]

The Mermaid

11 Pier Ave Hermosa Beach, CA 90254