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Sherman Oaks Staple La Pergola Becoming The Tipsy Cow

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Inside La Pergola.
Inside La Pergola.

La Pergola has served the Sherman Oaks community bruschetta and linguine alle vongole since the 1990s, but according to this here ABC license the property is in escrow to convert into The Tipsy Cow, owned by a one Peter Brill. Per restaurant management, La Pergola will call it quits on November 30.

Many many changes in Sherman Oaks and Studio City as of late. Out Take Bistro is becoming La Ventura, Sun Cafe is taking Zach's, The new One-Up is replacing the former Mr. Cecil's, then there's the new place from Ryan Sweeney where Smiles previously existed, plus Joan's on Third ...

La Pergola

15005 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403