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Eggslut Hatches on Friday at Grand Central Market

[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]

Eggslut is finally ready to serve Grand Central Market this coming Friday, November 8. The egg-themed food truck turned brick and mortar was originally hoping to launch in September, however permitting and inspection delays were further exacerbated by the government shutdown.

Currently Eggslut's counter space seats 20 and, here, one will encounter the classic diner experience, with the added bonus of brioche bread and biscuits freshly baked onsite. By design, the smells of breakfast wafting from the completely open kitchen towards Broadway will attract walk-in Slutters, just like the old food truck was known to do. Plentiful market seating is available in the rear.

Eggslut is serving fresh orange juice by Press Brothers, another new tenant at Grand Central Market. Electra Farm is a big fan of eggsluts, and for a slight upcharge, voyeurs of yolk porn can get sandwiches with its LA-grown free-range all-organic eggs. Batch-brewed single origin coffee is curated by G&B, as is the cold brew. If you insist on having a cortado with your sandwiches, there are two options. 1) Briskly walk west, through the market, towards the G&B stand immediately after ordering. 2) Wait for your paleo hand-wich to be assembled, then saunter towards the chairs adjacent to G&B. Either way, chef Alvin Cailan and manager Jeff Vales will be happy to accommodate. After all, not everyone gets their jollies from watching eggs being scrambled.

As expected, the brick and mortar Eggslut's menu has doubled to 14 items. In the immediate future, the team is working on egg-alternatives, gluten-free dishes, as well as a collaboration with Venice farmer Courthey Guera, supplier to Alma.

With the market stall launch, Cailan's vision of bringing Portland style "permanent" food truck dining to LA will finally be realized. There's still no news of the truck returning, but Broadway's concrete sidewalk offers just as much standing room as any curb in Los Angeles.
· Grand Central Market Getting in Bed with Egg Slut [~ELA~]


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