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UMAMIcatessen will be Redrafted into Umami Broadway

Photo by Elizabeth Daniels

Big news in today from the Umami camp. Honcho Adam Fleischman's ambitious year and a half old multi-concept restaurant and bar, UMAMIcatessen, is retooling into Umami Broadway. Basically, this means that the other remaining concepts within UMAMIcatessen, such as PIGG, will fold. Umami will rework the Broadway space to accommodate a new private dining room, serving both the Umami menu plus its own separate non-burger bill of fare. This is all fairly new and management is just beginning to start the construction permitting process. Says Team Umami:

We're making some changes at UMAMIcatessen. Over the past two years, we've seen the demand for Umami Burger and private dining grow in Downtown Los Angeles. We are starting changes today to add a private dining room, which will have its own menu only available by booking a private dining event. Umami Burger will remain open during the renovation. In a few weeks, we will celebrate the opening of the new private dining room and rename the restaurant Umami Broadway.
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